Buzz Bradley

Professional Voice Overs That Work!

About Me

Voice-Overs Are My Passion


Since 1989, voice work is what I know, do, and love. Just as technology continues to evolve, I do as well. I take much pride in every project I collaborate on and deliver. My passion is evident and my drive for creating compelling  voice content continues to expand daily.  I welcome the opportunity to bring your thoughts to life.

Ear Of The Target


As an experienced voice over artist , I strive to make that emotional connection with the audience, either by adding personality, reflecting the sound, or inspiring the target demo.  From Gen X & Millennials to Boomers & The Great Generation each has its own nuance. My focus is always on high quality results. 

Voice By The Slice


Like a New York slice pizza pie, I serve up quality voice-over slices in several styles. Broadcast Commercial and Station Imaging, both radio & television. Narration & Audio Books. Corporate & Education.  Announcement & Telephone IVR. Film Trailers. Animation & Video Games. 


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